About Aneel Ranadive

Aneel Ranadive is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pinchit.com. Mr. Ranadive created and developed the entrepreneurship to foster engagement in local communities. Users are encouraged to share their experiences of the best local venues for shopping, dining, relaxing, fitness, sightseeing, and nightlife to build a guide for consumers to explore new locales. Pinchit then uses recommendations to create daily deals to encourage member patronage to local businesses. The site offers markdowns of 40 to 90 percent to create savings for consumers and foot traffic for businesses. The platform is the latest entrepreneurship for Aneel Ranadive.

His first business venture came in 2006 with the creation of BoredAt, Inc. Mr. Ranadive developed the anonymous social network to compile the collective consciousness of the individual communities using the platform. The innovative idea attempted to encourage members to share their opinions on specific ideas. Users would vote on ideas on a “thumbs up/down” system, and thereby the best proposals would be identified. Aneel Ranadive not only provided the creative impetus behind the project, but he also raised venture capital from Redpoint Ventures and angel investors.

Mr. Ranadive has displayed keen insight and business capability in the information technology industry. He has served in numerous capacities to assist in the discovery and analysis of sound investment opportunities within the field. Aneel Ranadive has worked for startup companies and global marketing and advertising research firms. He has held leadership positions in several companies and has been tasked with executive duties.

Aneel Ranadive’s educational foundation came from the prestigious Columbia University in New York City, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2006.


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